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Alaska Hiking Adventures

Denali Trekking Company offers adventures with four levels of intensity for exploring some of Alaska's most magnificent alpine backcountry. Every one of our trips begins with an orientation at our home and base of operations. We carefully examine your equipment and thoroughly discuss our policies of "No Trace Camping", safety in the field, bear encounter procedures, etc. Questions are encouraged and none left unanswered. You'll get acquainted with your guide and he'll work with you in preparing for the trip. After packing, we head to the lake and fly out to an alpine lake perched high in the mountains, well above timberline. Tents are pitched, camp arranged and a quick romp to the nearest viewing knob start day one of your adventure.

There is a brief description of each of the treks we offer below. For a detailed itinerary please click on the at the top center of each box or email us with your questions at:


Cost $2250.00*

Alaska Odyssey Trek This trip is the quintessential Alaskan Backcountry Adventure!  It is designed and catered to the self-propelled adventurer. You'll hike through 25 to 35 miles of alpine tundra and traverse some of the most spectacular country in wild Alaska. All of these treks are in very remote country where the only trail is the one you just made. At the end of this trip you'll be rewarded with the pride of accomplishment, a renewed appreciation for our natural world and certainly, lasting impressions of excitement, beauty and newly formed friendships.




Cost $1800.00*

5 Day Explorer

Geared for folks who may be pressed for time but still desire a challenging adventure, this trip offers a rich taste of mountain hiking.

Opportunities are plentiful for getting excellent landscape photographs as well as seeing a variety of wildlife, tundra nesting birds and capturing that elusive "once-in-a-lifetime" frame.

Walking in the tundra and exploring with keen eyes will reveal a rich and exciting habitat. This trip can also be designed to combine a base camp style with a possible condensed cross-country traverse to end the trip with a pick up at a different lake.



Cost $1450.00*

3 Day Interlude

Our three day hiking trips are designed for folks that desire creature comforts in the wilderness while they explore the mountains and tundra that surround them. We fly into the mountains, set up a base camp and each morning leave camp traveling light, carrying only water bottle, extra clothes, camera, and binoculars. A lot of country can be observed but you will see how much can be absorbed by a slow walk. The alpine tundra is fascinating; views from the high country are nothing short of spectacular. This trip is an excellent choice for families with younger kids or hikers coupling their excursion to Alaska with another adventure.


* Denotes Discounts Available For Groups of Two or More; Ask Us For Details!


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