Denali in the distance High above treeline Caribou on the move Caribou antlers Cute wolerine

Three Day Interlude

Our three day hiking trips are designed for folks that desire creature comforts in the wilderness while they explore the mountains and tundra that surround them.

We fly into the mountains, set up a base camp and each morning leave camp traveling light, carrying only water bottle, extra clothes, camera, and binoculars. A lot of country can be observed but you will see how much can be absorbed by a slow walk. The alpine tundra is fascinating; views from the high country are nothing short of spectacular.

This trip is an excellent choice for families with younger kids or hikers coupling their excursion to Alaska with another adventure.

Three Day Interlude Itinerary

The cost for this hike is $1450.00

Discounts Available For Groups of Two or More; Ask Us For Details!

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