Three Day Interlude Itinerary

Our three day treks are geared for folks that want to have a taste of the great Alaskan wilderness but are limited by a shortage of time during their visit to Alaska or the desire to carry a backpack on a cross country adventure hike.

After an orientation at our home in Talkeetna we will fly out to one of our destination lakes in the Talkeetna Mountains and set up a base camp with tents and cooking shelter. Your guide will lead you off to a nearby glassing point where you will survey the surrounding countryside in search for Bears, Wolves, Caribou and other species that inhabit the alpine zones. You'll witness a long and splendid sunset before heading back to a warm meal and excited discussions of the days discoveries.

The following mornings, after a hearty breakfast, you'll take off from camp, selecting a different direction to explore each day. Everyone will carry a daypack with camera, water bottle, snacks and extra clothing inside. The alpine habitat is chalk full of wonderful surprises including 50+ specie of beautiful wildflowers, twenty different nesting migratory birds, all the indigenous mammals and some of the most spectacular scenery in North America. There is no pressure or agenda other than that set by you. If you want to scramble up a mountain ridge for a better view of Denali or you want to photograph wildlife or wildflowers, your guide will accommodate you in every way. It is our highest priority that you return to Talkeetna fully refreshed, rejuvenated and feeling magnificent about your sojourn in the mountains.

Denali Trekking Company will provide all tents and cooking equipment, including stoves, fuel, pots and pans. We provide excellent food for our guests. Our meals are savory and nutritious designed to support a body working in the mountains. Special dietary considerations are given to every guest. You will find us easy to work with in putting together a perfect meal plan. We encourage asking questions and would be more than happy to call you to discuss any aspect of this trip in full detail. Email has been a wonderful way for corresponding as well. We pride ourselves on our punctuality in responding to any and all email inquiries. We hope you join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

Three Day Interlude

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