Boom! Home run of fun!

You’ll step off the floats of a bush plane on the shore of an isolated lake with just enough food and gear to get back to civilization in a 100% self-propelled manner. This includes some superb cross‐country hiking in the alpine tundra, followed by a descent to the banks of a glacial river and then a five to seven hour PackRaft float back to Talkeetna.

We have five destinations for the start of this superb adventure. Most are multi‐day, where you’ll need a minimum of three days time to complete.

Great wildlife viewing with grizzly bears, caribou, black bear and moose highlighting the slate of animals commonly seen. June hikes have great mixtures of snow field traverses and stunted vegetation. Weather stable, outstanding photography possibilities, daylight: twenty hours! Boom! If you are bent on a wild Alaskan adventure, contact the company that broke trail. We offer PackRafting day trips as well.

The three day cross-country hiking / PackRafting trip costs $1650.00.

The day trip costs $750.00. If you like fly fishing and exploring by foot and you only have one single day, this is a world class trip.

Small groups, even couples get wonderful discounts. Ask for a proposal.

Now booking for 2017: Call or text: 907-350-4455

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Hike and packraft out Family fishing with PackRafs Enjoying a nice float Butterfly Cooking on a fire