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Denali Trekking, the cutting-edge, home-sewn, Alaska company, has designed an exceptional wilderness adventure that combines hiking and PackRafting. Our trips launch off of our home port, Christiansen Lake, and land deep in the heart of pure wilderness. From your first step off the airplane floats and onto the shore of Ravenwise Lake you will be captivated by your surroundings. This is the country of wild animals, wild terrain and super-photogenic panoramas.

Wildlife is in constant motion throughout the area you pass through. Grizzly bears, caribou, black bear and moose highlight the slate of animals commonly seen. June hikes have great mixtures of snow field traverses and easily navigable routes due to stunted vegetation July hikes host continued stable weather, outstanding photography options for wildlife as well as the stunningly beautiful and delicate wildflowers that carpet your trail to the lip of the plateau and on down to the bank of the glacial river that provides your paddle flow home to the village of Talkeetna.

Daylight: twenty hours!
Boom! The Home Run of Fun!

The three day cross-country hiking / PackRafting trip costs $1650.00.


Fat Tire Biking and PackRafting

This year we are going hog wild, adding a new adventure to the PackRafting trips. We are scheduling a Fat Tire Bike/PackRafting Adventure! This trip is a World Class First!

Carter Fornay, a serious biker and wilderness explorer, who, amongst other related feats, crossed America, Forest Gump fashion, on his two wheeler, will be heading up an incredible Fat Tire biking/PackRafting combination adventure from July 19th through July 22nd.
This trip will be four days in length, starting with a half day orientation which includes a 2 hour practice run with bike and gear-loaded PackRaft floating into Talkeetna on a magnificent glacial river.
Later that afternoon, we fly out from Christiansen Lake to a high alpine plateau offering extraordinary views of Denali and incredible opportunities to view wildlife and dive into the otherworldly experience of cycling in pure wilderness. You will follow the tracks of gold miners left 100 years ago when they dragged heavy machinery across the unspoiled land, pursuing their dreams of subsurface riches far away.
The cat-tracked trail drops off the tundra a few miles downstream from the greatest whitewater river gorge in Alaska. The glacial river that cut this gorge is the most important freshwater artery in south-central Alaska. It is home to all 5 species of Pacific salmon returning to spawn and securing their existence.
Nothing you have ever done will match the quality of wilderness adventuring experienced during this extraordinary Fat Tire Bike and PackRafting quest.

This “maiden voyage” trip costs $1500.00 per person.

We are looking for three or four savvy bikers with adventurous kindred spirit. If you are bent on a wild Alaskan adventure, contact the company that broke trail. Call 907-350-4455 or send us an email.



This summer we are offering a fantastic day trip with fly-out PackRafting, hiking and superb fly-fishing for rainbow trout. You will rarely find trout fishing this good anywhere in Alaska.

The day trip costs $600.00. If you like fly fishing and exploring by foot and you only have one single day, this is a world class trip at an extraordinary price!

Small groups, even couples get wonderful discounts. Ask for a proposal.

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