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Life on the Wild Side

Every step into the Alaskan wilderness can initiate a wild adventure. Our hiking and backpacking adventures include stunning landscapes, close encounters with large beasts, awe‐inspiring natural phenomena and a strong sense of accomplishment.

Every single hiker, regardless of past experience, learns a great deal about what it means to be living in pure wilderness. The men and women who work with us at Denali Trekking Company possess uncanny skills of wilderness travel. They are keen observers. They pay attention to detail. Their skills are built on experience. Every trip in the mountains with these guides is a joyfully charged learning experience.

Living and working in Alaska’s wilderness for over 40 years, I have pioneered some very special and unique opportunities for “above and beyond” adventures. Experienced backcountry hikers will thoroughly enjoy these trips but you can also come on board as a complete novice. All you need is a positive, can-do attitude and a keen desire to enjoy life to the fullest.

Billy FitzGerald, Founder and Owner
Denali Trekking Company

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