Five-DAY Explorer

Geared for folks who may be pressed for time but still desire a challenging adventure, this trip offers a rich taste of mountain hiking.

  • Backpacking, expedition style, in roadless wildlands 
  • Airplane access only, heart of wildlife corridor, grizzly, black bear, caribou, wolf
  • Small group dynamics
  • Valuable learning experiences for novice and pro’s alike 
  • Intimate, affordable, exhilarating, rewarding

COST: $1800 per person (includes all flights into and out of the mountains)
DATES: June 30 – July 4, July 19 – July 23, August 9 – August 13
GROUP: Maximum 6. We offer the best guide/hiker ratio in the industry
DIFFICULTY: Easy to Moderate, depending on where you want to go
For group rates or custom dates:
Call/Text: 907-350-4455

"By far, the most awesome trip in our
3 week vacation to Alaska”
Natalie P
Rhode Island


5-Day Explorer Trek Itinerary

The five day hiking adventure is a wonderful treat for folks that are interested in a fairly in-depth sojourn in the high alpine areas of the Talkeetna Mountains. There are two possible ways to spend your time in the mountains. The first is to set off cross-country from your drop off point and spend five days exploring new terrain and country with each step you take toward your destination lake. The second way is to land at your destination lake and spend the next five days exploring the surrounding terrain each day traveling light, carrying only a day pack with camera, water bottle, lunch and spare gear. The significant difference, of course, is how we pack for these trips. Weight is not a concern if you are “day hiking” from your drop-off lake and conversely, very important if you are to carry your “house” on a cross-country trek.

Live! Learn! Laugh! Love! Hike!

We begin by launching off of Christiansen Lake in Talkeetna after an orientation at our home and base of operations. Your flight will take you right over the terrain where you will be spending your time in the field and offers you an opportunity to take some wonderful aerial photographs. It’s great to compare later with the pictures taken while on the ground.

"Five Star adventure in a Five Star world”
Peter M, Lansing MI

Explore wild country across the tundra

Once landed, if you chose to travel cross-country during your trek, then we would shoulder our packs and head off in the tundra toward a pre-selected camping spot a few miles away.

We usually make our camps 200 feet from the shorelines of lakes. They are all pristine, crystal clear, sparkling clean and a bit cold too!. Each morning after a delicious breakfast, we pack up our camp, don the backpacks and begin the days adventure; exploring wild country across the tundra to the next camp. There are no groomed trails, we walk the line of least resistance and usually follow game trails when they are prominent. We take plenty of breaks to enjoy the scenery or take photographs of wildlife or wildflowers or scramble up a knob to glass a hidden drainage for bears and caribou. The leisurely pace contributes substantially to your enjoyment of wandering in the wild tundra habitat.

At any moment your group can be surprised by wildlife. It can be a breath-taking grizzly bear or a curious fox barking from a granite boulder 100 yards away. Caribou are always on the move and often caught making circular passes around our group offering superb opportunities for magnificent photographs.

There are opportunities to fly-fish for the beautiful golden-finned char that inhabit the alpine tundra of south central Alaska. This can be the hottest fishing you might ever do. If we are lucky, we keep a trout to supplement the evening meal. Everyone enjoys these simple pleasures, available only through wilderness travel.


Outcomes and Take-aways from your
Denali Trekking Experience

We hope you join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

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