Denali high above Grizzly bear in camp Walking the ridge Lunch above tree line Dallsheep

Alaska Odyssey Trek

The seven day cross country trek for the self-propelled, adventure spirited hiker!

These trips are the classic example of adventure/exploring with a traverse of the high alpine plateaus of the Talkeetna Mountains. Grizzly Bears and Wolves are often spotted, commanding your immediate attention and leaving you invigorated with the true spirit of the Alaskan wilderness!

Tundra nesting migratory birds, some that have travelled 10,000 miles to their alpine nesting grounds, can be observed and photographed.

There are over fifty species of wildflowers! You can't imagine anything so delicate and beautiful growing in this sometimes hostile climatic zone of mountain shoulders and wind-whipped passes.

The most awe inspiring sensation of all...walking through the hall of the mountains! yours each and every day as we travel through the Alaska highlands. The scenery is absolutely magnificent, almost spellbinding, everyone feels humbled.

These treks are very educational and an adventure you will reminisce and talk about for years to come. We hope you'll join us for an unforgettable walk through the realm of pure Alaskan wilderness.

At the end of this trip you'll be rewarded with the pride of accomplishment, a renewed appreciation for our natural world and long lasting impressions of raw beauty and inspiring friendships.

Alaska Odyssey Trek Itinerary

The cost for this hike is $2250.00

Discounts Available For Groups of Two or More; Ask Us For Details!

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