Alpine Fishing

Floatplane in to pure alpine wilderness, home to grizzly bears, caribou and wolf. Some of the most pristine fishing waters in the world!

Hike and fish in lakes and streams where few have cast a fly. Incredible adventure with rod and camera.

COST: $1950 per person
DATES: July 23 – 26
August 13 – 16

For group rates or custom dates:
Call: 907-350-4455

Live! Learn! Laugh! Love! Hike!


Every trip starts with an orientation at our house and base of operation. DT staff will work with you, going over your gear, answering any questions, offering helpful tips and acquiring anything that you might need. We have ample supplies and rent some types of gear like sleeping bags and pads. However, we do not sell fishing tackle. We anticipate everyone will have his/her own fly rod(s) and plenty of tackle. 

We are flying into the tundra well above the timberline where Kings and Silver salmon are at the highest end of their spawning grounds. Rainbows curl in the shadows of pools that link the strings of mostly fast moving, shallow creeks. The drainages are spring and alpine lake supplied. The water is the purest in the world. You should be prepared to fish both lake and creek. The creek fishing requires a lot of hiking. Excellent condition is highly recommended. You will be carrying your day pack with tackle, lunch, extra gear, camera, etc; probably 20 pounds. There are few trails, none made by man. It’s an adventure every step and can be the wildest fun you’ve ever done!

Depending on the trip, we may set up a base camp close to where we land. Otherwise, you’ll shoulder backpacks and head off toward Rainbow Creek.

Hiking, fishing, exploring; the days are full of surprises. King salmon are closing in on the end of their trail, silvers are a week or two behind. Our focus will be on rainbows, grayling and dolly varden. Beads and gnats are the “go to” flies, riffles and pools are the medium. Voracious trout attack your fly and go ballistic when hooked. Tail-walking trout, thrashing like a fly-hooked tarpon is a fisherman’s dream come true. You have to try this in the alpine tundra, it is nothing short of magnificent!

Hook and release, minimum impact practices, i.e. barbless hooks, NoTrace Camping and No Trace Fishing form the backbone of our ethical policies and standards.

Roll casting proficiency is advantageous. Ultra-light gear an excellent choice. These stretches of pristine waters rival the finest in the world!




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