Relatively new and making a dynamic impact in the recreational world, a combination hiking and PackRafting trip is a phenomenal way to experience the Alaskan wilderness. PackRafts are lightweight, 4 to 5 pound, inflatable boats, invented in Alaska for Alaskan adventurers. However, they have grown to a world-wide audience and used on every continent with flowing water.

COST:$1500 per person
DATES:  June 20 – June 22  The Solstice Run
July 2 – July 4th  Independence Day Run
Easy to Moderate
GROUP: Maximum 4.
Best Guide-to-Guest Ratio in Alaska!

For group rates or custom dates:
Call: 907-350-4455

PackRaft Itinerary

The trip we are focusing on, like all our trips, starts with an orientation at our home and base of operations. We work very closely with each individual guest insuring they are fully prepared for this very special undertaking. Everyone will have the opportunity to float a three mile stretch of the Talkeetna River BEFORE we fly out to the mountains and start this wilderness adventure.

Landing well above tree line you will start your hike taking advantage of the long ridges that ultimately lead to your first camp, three miles from the drop off point. Evenings are spent looking for wildlife, photographing dramatic landscapes and preparing the finest meals available for lightweight backpacking trips.

Another full day of hiking on Day 2 will put you on the lip of the tundra peering down into the mighty Susitna River watershed. This days hike traverses rugged terrain that is home to a wide variety of wildlife with superb options to witness nesting migratory and resident birds, some of which you probably have never seen or heard before, like long-tailed jaegers or northern wheatears. Grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, wolverine, moose and caribou have all been seen and photographed during this hiking route over the past few years. It’s rich and diverse country, paradise for the adventurous spirit.

The final day starts off with a two hour hike down an overgrown cat trail that miners used eons ago to bring heavy equipment to gold mines on the far side of the 400 square mile plateau. The trail takes you right down to the shore of the Susitna River. Of the three glacial rivers that converge at Talkeetna, the Susitna is the largest and longest. After a final lunch on the river bank, you will blow up your PackRafts, load your backpacks and shove off for a four hour float back to Talkeetna. If the weather is favorable, there is a high probability that a Super Cub on floats will fly over, land and deliver a fabulous treat.

If you are looking for a unique and incredible Alaskan wilderness adventure, this is just the ticket. Call, text or write us an email for details. It’s going to be awesome!




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